Monday, August 6, 2012

"Those Who Hesitate are Lost"

One of my favorite old pervy bosses used to say that line all the time. It's one of the few substantive things that guy taught me. As much of a typical horny man as he was, he was also a very sweet old man and I miss him. I digress.

Execution is lacking in the world of online dating. However, my new and improved profile message seems to be attracting the right kind of men to me. I have spent the whole evening talking on the phone to various guys. My method for keeping them straight is as follows: (1) I screen them, (2) If I give them my number I get their number and program it in my phone with notes. That way when they call I remember who they are. Believe it or not these guys remember stuff. OR they are staring at my profile while speaking to me. I don't think so though, because 2 of the 4 guys I spoke to tonight were driving. They specifically mentioned things about me they liked. That was interesting and flattering. All of these guys were fun to talk to. Then I felt guilty... I'm a one man woman so juggling all these prospectives feels a lil, well, wrong.

I've been away from home for several days so I have not planned any dates yet. Tomorrow its ON! Let me tell you a little about the contenders:

1. The Doctor
2. The Lawyer
3. The really buff banker
4. The handsome, suit and tie, LinkedIn A+ ---but he's white and I'm not generally attracted to plain white guys.

5. The really buff super handsome black guy
6. The beautiful Brazilian
7. The Portuguese/Spanish karate chopping cutie pie (crushing on this one)
8. The Fireman
9. The "You belong in my Spa" joker
10. and finally Ron the buff "I'll take care of it" guy

Looking for a boyfriend, possible husband, possible business connection, the Christian Gray, the intellect, and the next life long guy friend...I think I have one of each up there. Gonna practice juggling all of them so I can see what it is like to be a guy...and if it blows up in my face...WHO CARES! I will be on lock down again in December anyway, studying for the barzam.

Tomorrow's plan is to definitely see the #7 and schedule a date with #3 and book the chapel for #4.

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D said...

Either I am extremely picky or I only attract men that are unattractive and cannot spell.... or both. What am I doing wrong??? Please help me, oh wise one.