Sunday, August 3, 2008

Budgets and other BS

I seem to be going through a bit of a rough patch this summer. Friday my head stayed up my ass from the bad news about the 1st and then to top it off my boss was on a rampage. I usually escape his wrath because I try my best to do what he asks. Unfortunately, I am the assistant to an attorney who refuses to play the damn game! This attorney is very smart and good at what he does. Except he doesn't call prospective clients back. Being that we work in Real Estate Law, it is pretty damn important that we try to get new business.

The harassing emails began first thing in the morning and continued throughout the day. Finally the attorney I work with and I decided to quit responding. This resulted in a manic phone call. My boss was yelling so loud he could hardly breathe. He said, "WE HAVE TO TALK MONDAY."

Yay, tomorrow is Monday.

I spent the weekend at my dad's doing laundry and taking care of his stinky dog. (I hate dogs) He was out of town and I owe him a million favors, sooooo.

I couldn't get on the freakin Internet and was pretty much miserable. At 11am sharp I left. Here I am home sweet expensive home. I checked out my bank account and paid some bills. By the way I ditched my cousins baccalaureate party this weekend because I am BROKE. Will this ever end? Right when I can catch up something major happens. I am horrible with money. This led to the preparation of my fall budget. OMG! I don't know how I will live. The bottom line is I live in an expensive city and pay way too much for rent. I just don't do well with roommates and I have two ferocious kitties. Hey maybe I'll lose my job tomorrow!

On a side note I'm not normally this damn full of bad news. Its just a rough patch.

I am going to North Dakota this Friday to be with my sister while she gives birth to baby Abigail. That is exciting. Hope I can live on $20 for five days. The good news is I am not a big eater nor am I a picky eater. One trip to Walmart and 5 top ramen's later I should be A-OK. I hope law school keeps me busy enough to avoid spending money on bullshit. And to make all of this even worse---I haven't been to the gym in over a week. This could be exactly why I am moody! Those endorphins are vital to my well being.

Can't forget that 2 hour exam in the legal writing class Tuesday! My first semi real law school exam, ugh. I need candy and a nap then a drink!

Happy Sunday!

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