Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Torts Week 2

Coming right along. I got to school early to try and get a head in Contracts so I can have at least half of Sat free. I did that last week and it worked out good. So far I have managed to keep time to work, clean my house, work out, grocery shop and talk to my friends. All of this in moderation of course but the point is I'm doing other things and still spending a considerable amount of time studying. I'm actually truly dedicating 3 hours to every hour in class and I'm getting my work done as well as some extra's like printing some of the cases from the notes section and a little internet research. I feel like I have a handle on the work and I'm finally organized. Can you tell I am a control freak? I really am in a major way. The anxiety I feel when I am unprepared is enough to kill me, so I avoid it at all costs. I swear I would ditch my grandpas funeral to study. (dont worry he's already gone ;) Morbid I know. I never proported to be normal.

I looked around the library and it was filled with almost all the kids I did the summer writing class with. I guess giving up ur summer for a writing class is a good indication of your dedication and it didn't stop there. My summer friends are still at it...working hard. The sad part is they are all daytime students. They have all found their 3-4-5 person study groups. I was jealous.

The study group I set up hasn't gone anywhere. The girl is too busy with her personal life and the guy is too. I studied solo for about 4 hours then went to the cafe for dinner. One of my classmates walked in he sat with me to eat and we decided to go over the briefs for this evenings class. It was so nice being able to hash it out with someone other than myself. Needless to say both him and I were prepared enough to make it through the lecture without being utterly confused. This was satisfying. Apparently, him and another guy are meeting up Sat. for their first study session, so I invited myself. They didn't seem bothered and if they were too bad they will just have to learn to love me...I am desperate. I want to get started NOW.

I feel good about this and I think it will work out. Again this wasn't the crowd I ever imagined being a part of. Im learning the fine art of assimilation and I'm not too bad at it. Class was fun today we joked and talked and had a good discussion. After careful consideration I have officially decided that the guy behind me is THE GUNNER the ridiculous hypos. But I was told that the professor will email the whole class if it gets out of hand and tell them to stop wasting our time. We'll see. So my second 18 hour day in a row....and Im off to slumber land. research the area I have neglected effortlessly. Keep your heads up 1Ls this is an adventure.

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