Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I had a dream...or nightmare

I can't remember most of it but this part sticks out. I was walking down a really super shady street and in front of me was like hundreds of people walking really fast and all of them were slipping eachother money. So imagine like 12 hands swinging in various sneaky ways to slip another money. Like a drug deal? WTF does this mean? Maybe I need drugs or maybe I need money? Maybe LSD is on my mind?


Nichi said...

ok now i know this cant be something you gleened from a commercial... because you dont watch tv, no time right... but there's a burgerking commercial in which the big guy slips people cash on the street. dont worry its not a drug deal, its a burger deal!

J. Money said...

HEY!!! I was gonna say exactly what Nichi said! haha... BURGER DEAL!! hahaha...oh man, that commercial is hella funny. and i just said "hella"..gun please?

Rebecca said...

Actually I dont HAVE tv cuz i Dont want to pay for cable.

No bill = No distration= obsessive blogger.

I can't win. Now I will youtube the commercial and the freakin debat I missed cuz i was being tormente in contracts.

Rebecca said...

Hella is a No Cal thing...hmmm