Friday, August 29, 2008


To put this in context my mother doesn't even call me to say Happy Birthday but when she wants to put in her two cents about something she knows will piss me off, she's all over it. Observe:

IM conversation a few minutes ago regarding Sarah Palin.

Mom: yeah she may be great but she will only be vice president, name one good thing about John MCCain except his good choice for VP?

Mom: we need to end the war and the economic mess that the last 8 years have cost us. Another republican is not what we need.

Me: name one good thing about barrack (<--best law school answer "it depends" thats my rendition of the same concept.)

Mom: he understands what it is to be poor, his wife is not a trophy wife with millions of dollars (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!)

Me: you better recheck your facts, Obama went to Harvard and last i checked poor people don’t go to Harvard, and besides that it doesn’t matter where he comes from it matters if he knows how to make things better.....with ZERO executive experience i doubt he does

Mom: everyone needs to start somewhere and his family saved to put him through Harvard that and I am sure a scholarship or two, he will have advisors to guide him

Me: Mc Cain and Cindy have a pretty solid prenup so her money is hers and they have had it that way from the start

Me: I'm sorry but we have some pretty serious issues going on all over the world we don’t need some boy who happens to speak well, deciding what we do over seas.....especially when he thinks he can have a tea party with the freakin president of Iran

Me: not logical

Me: we don’t admit our weaknesses to our enemy

Me: that’s just common sense

Me: He said China's infrastructure is better than ours and business should look into to outsourcing

Me: uhhhhhhhhhh

Me: not so good for small business owners--- right?

Me: all the jobs go overseas then who will be poor?

Me: he's dumb

Mom: I wont argue politics* but I get better vibes from them than Johnny boy, I heard her speech and it really moved me, she wrote it herself, we need change and I hope they can provide it. *the classic cop out

Me: the impressionable are falling for his rhetoric

Me: well, she is only VP

Me: we always need change

Me: but we don’t need the government wiping our Asses

Mom: and he picked her to try and get the Hilary supporters on his side and women

Mom: it’s a nightmare either way

Me: Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Obama and she has a track record of going after the unethical in government, in addition to her fiscal conservatism and social conservatism. Do u think its easy to raise a down syndrome child....prob not but she didn’t let that slow her down.

Mom: they have all had trials but I am telling you she is just a decoy there is no way the good ole boys club will let her have any say on anything

Me: Condi has a lot of say

Me: even stupid nancy pelosi has a lot of say

Mom: yeah but johnny is not George (wtf does that mean anyway)

Me: i think u should talk to your commie son about your views cuz clearly we dont see eye to eye

Mom: he is not a commie and he is still your brother

She then forwards the convo to my lil brother (the commie) not really but its funny. Here’s what he says.

Bro: lol
Me: haha
Me: god she is ridiculous
Me: trying to debate ME
Me: she doesn’t know anything
Bro: you hate her so much
Me: she said she wouldn’t vote for hillary because she didn’t like her hair
Bro: You need therapy.


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