Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My class is 20 people! All very diverse and one girl from high school. Not very interesting at all. I really couldn't make any judgements about the group. They all looked so different like people I have not encountered before. I couldn't compartmentalize them. The daytime crew was a different story. I caught a glimpse of them and there were a few cute guys a handful of pretty girls but still nothing noteworthy. I'll tell you what though out of 20 people in the part time evening division I am bound to spend my evenings "dancing" as the contracts professor put it, to some pretty horrible music called the Socratic method. The odds of me being called on multiple times in one night is enough to make me barf---right now. The whole damn class could be one study group!

By the way being the pro active gal that I am---I already have half of my study group arranged! Thanks to the summer writing class. On the downside I find myself interviewing people in my head:

convo with girl from high school

Me: "So what did you get your undergrad degree in" (I'm looking for someone who might appear to be above average intelligent based on their choice of major)

Her: "....."
Me: I have no idea what she said because all I could think of was how I could do a fabulous makeover on her and change her life.
Me: <-----absolutely ridiculous!

Today is Day 2! Orientation almost feels like a waste of time but hey its free food. Oh and we took some oh so formal oath yesterday and I found a typo in the doc we signed, which was disappointing but hey whatever. I don't even usually proof read these blogs! But I figure no one but me reads them anyway. ;)

So, I am officially a professional who will one day make a promise to defend that awesome all inspiring document known as the Constitution of the United States of America!

Now that sounds pretty damn cool!

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