Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Professor Meatloaf

Contracts. This class was a combo of my section and the spring starters. There were strangers amongst us. Stirred things up a bit. The good news my section sorta kinda bonded a lil bit. We all sat in the same row looking like nervous freaks.

I read every case, read restatments (second), read a few precedent cases and looked up terms and I still sucked ass. Lucky for me I have a super white, super easy last name so guess who got screwed with all night long, yup me. The girl who has a scarlet letter on her forhead that says Im scared shitless, show the whole class, please!!!

At one point I was looking up a rule and the professor asked me a question (I didn't hear what he said) and i just nodded yes and ignored him. Not such a good idea, I looked up briefly and he was shaking his head....eek The good news is this....I am really good at ignoring the other jack asses in the class so I don't feel embarrassed.

My professor is pretty funny though. All night he kept referencing a hypo that included his wife about to drink the last beer and him offering her $100 and to rip up the pre-nup. I.e. he was trying to get us to think about whether the government has any business deciding the value of a contract. Whatever the analogy was trailor park-tabulous. Then he had to talk about a song by Meatloaf, ok Im a lil older so Im sorta familiar but not really. Prof. loves a song called paradise on the dashboard or something like that. He insists we all listen because its all about contracts. Prof. is brilliant which I enjoy thoroughly but this class is FAST paced and I am going to get on the ball....RIGHT NOW. His method is the polar opposite of Prof. Stand up and state the facts in Torts. Come to think of it Contracts Prof. looks like Meatloaf...So I think ill call him Prof. Meatloaf, it fits.

Good night to all the 1ls in the world struggling to make meaning of this madness.

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