Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The World is my Dancefloor

Man I talk TOO much. This is why I need a blog. Who in their right mind would listen to me. Anyway, I thought it would be fair to explain how I fit into the annoying Gym Rat list so here it is:

**I am the girl who can't sit still when music is playing. I am the girl on the stairclimber snapping my fingers and getting crazy when a good song comes on my ipod. And EVERY song on my ipod is a good one. I'm sure thats pretty annoying or maybe amusing? As you can tell by my profile picture I LOVE to dance, so too bad for them.

I am the girl on the treadmill who runs for like 5 minutes gets too tired and decides to walk....but I do it at an incline.

I am the girl in the machine room who doesn't know wtf she is doing.

I am the girl who spends way too long stretching.

I am the girl who gets annoyed when you lock ur knees on a weight machine.

I am the girl who stops at her fav. Circle K for a bag of Jabenero flavored cheeze its right after working out, which completely cancels the work out.

I suck too I thought I would share.

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