Sunday, September 21, 2008

Allergy or Cold?

Abigails labs came back normal today. I was awoken this morning by a picture of my sweet lil namesake sent to my phone. They are both happily resting at home!

I'm sick! I'm thinking that based on the symptoms disappearing then reappearing this must be allergies. I go through this every single year. Although I have never taken the time to go to the dr. So I just mix it up--a lil allergy meds here a lil cold meds there. The thing is Ive been feeling sick for 7 days...must be allergies. Shit I don't want to take allergy meds every day! What a hassle!

I've felt lithargic all day and i feel this horrible pain from the back of my eyeball to my throat? My eyes are watering and I cant breathe. Just took some tylonol cold so whatever...cold meds are fun. (I'm allergic to cold meds) they literally make me fucked up drunk like 5 shots of vodka, even the non drowsy type. Screw clubbing... I'll just sit here with my skinny vanilla latte and write my Client letter drunk on cold meds, that's way funner.

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Nichicakes said...

Here let me give you a boost onto the Singulair train! There's an empty seat right next to me :P