Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enchantment on Miracle Mile

After a long day at the library I found myself obsessing over the expense of law school. Not tuition, not books, but just day to day expenses. Yesterday I sorta overdid it and I feel so guilty. First, I spent $10 on a bowl of oatmeal and cup of coffee at the local cafe. Then I spent $4 for lunch a bagel and back of trail mix, then for dinner a $4 cup of coffee, finally $9 for parking at 90210 study spot. I CAN'T AFFORD THIS! I have to put the brakes on NOW before I run out of $. I mean you can get a whole package of steel cut oats for like $5 and I paid $10 for a bowl I couldn't even finish? Ugh! Starting Friday: Back to the gym (NO EXCUSES) new budget plan for food and parking. I'm sure there is parking somewhere near the library OR I can move my car every two hours since the first two hours are free. I could not sleep so I went for a walk/run.

It was a dark stormy evening.....ok maybe not but It was weird all the same. OF course would you expect anything less than weird from me? My neighborhood is both enchanting and haunting. The tree lined streets house some of the prettiest 1920's architecture I have seen so far. The neighborhood is so old and thats what makes it a lil creepy. I don't even get one building away when I am stopped by the psychic man next door. (I didn't know he was psychic)

He's leaning lazily on the wall casually taking hits from his handy dandy sneak-a-toke in the form of a plastic cigarette. I laugh he's funny. After the two magic words (Hi Sweetheart) I stop and chat. He asks me when my birthday is so I happily brag "Halloween!" Ohhhhhhhhhh.....he says. You will be an amazing lawyer. And by the way you won't be single for long I just have to tell you. There is someone at your school who likes you and you will like him. HAAAAAHA! I tell him I am avoiding boys at all costs. The once boy crazy neighborhood jewel ;) is on a boy diet. I just can't have the distraction. He says, "Don't worry he is in the same boat as you, he needs you to stay focused." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! I wonder which arrogant gunner fuck it is! I'm going to wear my boy repelent to school just to make sure this doesnt happen.

The best part is the gay, psychic, adorable neighbor man says, "You are so lovely let me pick you a flower." Mind you he is HIIIIGGGHH as a kite. He returns with a handful of roses from the bush. I strut down my street grinning from ear to ear because what girl doesn't love being adored and getting flowers!

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Nichicakes said...

boy repellent... bwahahaha!