Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ladies of M-Law

I have to say a lil somethin somethin to my girls at M-Law. They encouraged...almost forced me to go to the Grove in L.A. for some food and a movie. I had a fabulous time even though I had a mean headache and sore throat. We saw Burn after Reading with Brad Pitt and I highly recommend it.

We ate some yummy food and some Carmel popcorn. I finally bought some new scents at bath and body, got a free lip gloss and indulged in a NEW BOOK! YAY! You guys have to read this book I can't put it down. I had to leave it at home so I wouldn't read it. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It was so nice to be OUT and to talk about NON LAW shit, to breathe the fresh air and be preoccupied with nothing! Thanks so much girls! XOXO

All I need to do now is take my happy ass to the gym and clean my house and I'll be complete...

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