Saturday, September 27, 2008

Law School Budget Woes...

My financial situation has gone from bad to worse thanks to the influx of parking violations this month. Once I put it in writing I think I will be able to stick to it so here is my goal for the month of October to get back on track:

2. NO EATING OUT (1x per week for entertainment purposes)
3. NO MORE PARKING Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if its 2am and I have no where to park I will keep looking until I find a legal spot.

4. Grocery shop for essentials
I end up buying everything and anything I want when I grocery shop

5. Think about putting gym pass on hold for a while
6. Try to squeeze in at least 2 more hours at work

I know what is happening here--it is very typical of me. I am rewarding myself by spending money. I feel bored, or lonely, or tired, so I spend money and it makes me feel better. This has to stop. I am going to run out of money! This sucks I am so stressed out. I mean all of my bills are paid and I have money but the future is bleak to put it mildly. There is no room in my budget for Birthdays--or any kind of socializing. I think a month of very little spending will put me back on track.

Anybody have any tricks for cutting corners? How are you dealing with a limited budget in law school?

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