Monday, September 1, 2008

The Paper Chase

I finally saw it. As if 24 hours of studying in one weekend wasn't enough law, I spent my free time watching a law movie. Awesome! It was ok. I see the similarities of today's law school experience. And most importantly all those lame references won't fly over my head anymore.

Last week a 2L told me that his professor took a picture of every student for his seating chart. Little did I know that this was a joke. I was shocked and said so all the while looking the dumb ass I am. Whatever.

Id really appreciate some help regarding my last post but I suppose normal people are resting this holiday weekend. Not I.

You will be glad to know (maybe) actually u prob. don't really give a shit but Im going to see Dark Night with my friend tonight. That will be the extent of my socializing for the entire weekend. But I'm ok................I swear.

I still like law school.....Can't wait to compare postings one year from now.

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