Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Studying 90210 Style

Back at the beautiful Beverly Hills Library. Hey, it's close to my house and has free Internet! Missing class last night caused a lil' bit of baby drama. The reputation fI have established doesn't leave room for unannounced absences. I'm willing to bet a few people think I cracked up...finally. There are at least 3 people who hope I do. (less competition) Little do they know I'm freakin clueless, just like them. HA! Jokes on them suckers. However, I am working hard on my Contracts outline.

We are all just waiting for someone to crack and quit. That would make us feel like we have accomplished something...not being the first to quit. By the way I was no where near the first person to miss a class but I wouldve bet that Id never miss a class. My absence did instigate a few interesting text messages. Monday night in class i was disgustingly sick. Sneezing all over everyone, coughing and almost dead (bad allergies). If I were them I'd guess I was out sick.

Whatever its funny. I'm currently sharing a table with a homeless man, which I think is awesome! The strange looks are priceless one girl sat down while my friend went to the mens room and upon his return she left. Me with my 4 foot pile of law books and supplements and then my new friend, who has a drooling problem I might add, sitting contently working hard on our stuff. I think he is writting a book.

All I can see is a piece of paper in front of him that says, "NO TIME FOR FEAR" should I be scared...nah I'm tough. I think he has narcolepsy cuz he will be staring off into space then his head just drops and he's out...drooling all over his shirt. Then the sweet melody in his head causes him to wake up singing--lip singing and moving his fingers around. Poor guy. HE DOESN'T STINK THO! Hooray for homeless guys that don't stink. He even chews gum! This is great..ok back to work--later.

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