Monday, September 22, 2008


Torts are everywhere! I can't believe I had such a disdain for them b4 law school. They have wonderful entertainment value.

I think its fucking hilarious when someone rigs a spring gun to go off when you open the door...especially if it blows ur knee caps off! But I don't think its funny when the bad guy wins and the bad guy wins when you try to kill him for trespassing. So..dont kill people for stealing glass jars out of your abandoned barn. You have to warn them first.


Law Ingenue said...

WARNING: We have a spring-gun hanging from the ceiling that will go off in approximately 30 seconds if you take three steps further. Failure to flee for your life now will result in contributory negligence on your part. Note, you have been warned.

Unknown said...

LMAO! HAHAHA! I loved the spring-gun case!! YOu know the guy who won that case ended up kiling himself a decade later because the litigation was still going on and he was distraught. Thought I'd share. :)

JD-Maybe said...

Yeah we did a little investigating on the poor guy. His neighbors chipped in and bought his land then when the property value went up they wouldnt give it back...Thanks for stopping by Ian :)