Thursday, September 11, 2008

You are who u hang out with...

Remember when you were a kid and your parents just didn't like your friend. There was this one friend that your parents thought was a bad influence on you. Some parents go as far as prohibiting you from seeing that friend. I'm having a problem reconciling my thoughts on this with regard to Reverand Wright and Obama.

My lil nugget sent this to me today,
"The size of the future you actually experience will largely be determined by one factor: the people you choose to connect with. When you invite people who are truly committed to growth into every aspect of your life, your own potential for growth becomes truly unlimited."
Dan Sullivan

"Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you;
be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them."
W. Clement Stone

Up until today I have pretty much ignored all the negative press about Obama because there is nothing anyone can say to me that would change my mind. I wouldnt vote for him for any reason on earth. I don't need to be fed negative B.S. about shit that doesn't matter. I save myself the aggrivation. However, today I started thinking about the people Obama is linked to and who they are.

Reverand Jeremiah..whatever his name is....has been a very close friend of Obama's for 20 years I believe. (don't quote me on my facts) Reverand married him and Michelle, baptised him and baptised his kids. Correct me if I am wrong but i think it is "reasonable" to believe that these facts indicate a really close friendship. Marriage and baptism are meaningful rituals that we typically share with those closest to us. it fair to say that Obama could be some radical closet muslim and do his past actions tell us anything about his character? He did drugs as a teen, he associated with some crazy, American hating mo-fos, and thats all i can remember.

ME: I was the friend your parents hated! I was loud, wild, unruly, and a lil crazy. My best friends mom told me this when i was 12 years old as she backed me up against the wall, "You are like Cinderella with a truck drivers mouth!" I was a little maniac and that is an understatement. As a teen I experimented with drugs, nothing serious, nothing that stayed with me but enough to say I practiced very poor judgement and did not make good decisions.

Not only are my friends parents shocked that I graduated college and am in Law School but they have eaten their words. I can't be judged based on my past. Not entirely. My mistakes and trouble were of a different type tho. I have never been racist, anti American or a political radical. My actions have little or no bearing on whether or not I have the character to be president.

I have a racist friend. My skin crawles when he says racist things and to be honest in the back of my head I'm disgusted and don't even like him. But his slips are very rare he typically doesn't act that way in front of me.

So...........Is it possible that Obama associated with these radical people without knowledge of their statements and actions? People who say things like America created aids to kill black people and Bill Ayers who is nothing short of a terrorist. Is this the company any of you would want to keep, I sure wouldnt. Can we really believe that Obama never had conversations with these people about radical positions on policy etc.? I know my argument is not very substantive but I don't have time to dig for facts etc. Ive read hundreds of articles for both sides and I don't really focus to much on it. Today I decided that I do believe that Barrack Obama has proven by his actions and behaviors that he is not the man he purports to be. His associations with hateful radicals leads me to believe that at one time or another his patriotism was a lil more than lacking.

I personally want a man or woman, whatever, who loves this country with a powerful and profound respect for our traditions, our people, our beliefs and our safety. John McCain has proven that he loves this country and would do anything to take good care of it.

What happens when your heart isnt in it and you are not doing it for the right reasons? You are influenced easily by those around you, you don't take a solid stand on anything, and you don't give it your all. Because you just dont care enough.



Soundscanner said...

Hmmmm... your thoughts on Obama are a little radical and seem to be supportive of an anti-movement...(ie, Republican)

How about McSame? I suppose that you're really enjoying hearing about his "change"? What change is coming? Oh, that's right...he has YET TO MENTION "HOW" change will come.


How about the fact that he's voted with Bush on 90% of the bills?

He loves America?

Here's something that sounds IRONIC, yet it's a FACT.

As an ex-soldier who coonnntiiinuuuueessss to bleed our ears with his War Stories (he's like a crazy old grandfather), his "pro-Soldier" support status isn't really as great as it sounds.

Check HIS voting status! The only Bills he's voted for that concerns SOLDIERS are AGAINST HELPING THEM!

No, this is not a made up story, it's a fact:

I mean he SKIPS voting for most of these issues, then he votes AGAINST ARMING OUR TROOPS?

Yes, this is a GREAT guy who TRULY loves his "America".

No, this is just another clown who will be a puppet for Big Oil. Yes, that's what he's being pushed into office of Big Oil.

Now, go do some research on McSame and see what he's up to.

Sarah Palin? She's been sucking off Big Oil exec's since she was a Mayor of Wasilla, hiring only friends and firing all foes (ie, TrooperGate).

She's been pushing to wipe out all wildlife in Alaska so Big Oil can drill in those protected lands. Lands that Polar Bears have inhabited for centuries. So, because of that, she's going to continue to allow hunting of these Endangered creatures and then fight to KEEP THEM off of the Endangered Species lists, including other species such as Wolves, in which she pays poachers to legally poach. Make sense? Not in any real world.

McLame has been up to no good since way back. Ask anybody who lives in Arizona if he did any good. Same goes with any REAL Alaska natives. They can't stand Palin and her murderous, corrupt ways.

All Palin is, is a giant smokescreen to take the light off of McSame's lackluster background and off-the-wall views, which simply mimic everything GW Bush has done.

I was a republican until GW messed it all up. Now I'm voting for Obama to (hopefully) get us out of this gigantic mess the Republicans (Big Oil) have gotten us into.

If you really want to surround yourself with people that aren't corrupt and evil, you might want to move to Canada. Unfortunately, I don't trust any Politician, but Obama is a much better change than McSame, who is going to do everything Bush did, including staying in Iraq while Big Oil continues to rape us until we allow them to destroy the last, little bit, of Wildlife and fresh air that we have in this (once) "Beautiful country".

JD-Maybe said...

hmmm...very interesting. Thanks but I'm not convinced. I like the fact that you tried to back your weak argument up with some data....that is refreshing. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

haha if your way of thinking was how more than 50% of our country thought, we'd all be screwed.

"Like, OMG! I am like sooooo not OK with a black guy becoming president!"

The guy above made perfect sense and your only "comeback" was that THAT person didn't back up what he said? All you have is "he-say, she-say" B.S.!

I hope you're not trying to teach politics to anyone. And I REALLY hope you're not filling anyone's head with your propaganda?

JD-Maybe said...

Obamma is 6% African American if that mattered. And I hate to burst your bubble but just about 50% believe in what I do...check the polls..

JD-Maybe said...

I aint afraid of a lil adversity...bring it on Dems...prove to me and to everyone how you cant have a debate without being hateful...common Im waiting.

Mocking me and putting words in my mouth is ridiculous. I have no problem with a black man or any colored man being president, however I do have a problem with an anti american bullshitter being president. Feed into the propaganda and rhetoric Obama loves the ignorant he is feeding u all the candy coated lies you can get. Try again.