Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad Grades and Birth Control

*Im saving my 100th post for something special so I decided to edit this one. Which was terribly awkward I might add.

Whenever a girl tells me she got pregnant despite her years and years on birth control, I can't help but be skeptical. Birth control has a 98% success rate? Whatever you want to call that. What I really believe is that they didn't follow the instructions which includes doing any of the things listed below:

A. Take anti biotics
B. Don't take it at the same time everyday
C. Miss a pill or two or more

I failed to mention how birth control correlates to my bad grade question. Well, for those of you who can't read between my lines..what I mean is that I always feel like there is a different underlying reason than the one most commonly stated. Which are also known as EXCUSES for apathetic, irresponsible or lazy behavior. Now does it make sense?

This morning the first thought in my head was the Torts midterm I took yesterday. I started wondering do people get mediocre or bad grades because they don't study enough OR is it really that hard? I'm skeptical.

Based on obsessive blog reading and book reading I've done I want to say they don't prepare. In other words how many people really truly do past exams? How many people really practice applying the rules to obscure hypo's?

I need some evidence because I am not willing to settle with passing or median grades. And I am petrified of the heart break that so many have told me is inevitable when I get my first grades. This is just really hard to believe. I am going to say this again...its not the content that is difficult to understand its the massive amount of content we have to shove into our brains.

I'll be my own experiment since I am old, have no life and have no excuse to not study my ass off. If I still do poorly with all of this preparation and hard work then I will believe that law school is hard. The bottom line is I think people just don't sacrifice enough of their precious time to study. It's understandable because I don't know whats worse, getting mediocre grades or being miserable from no social life?

Since jobs are hard to come by and grades are a huge determinant in one's success and also because I can bet I've had more fun in my life between the ages of 15 and 29 to last a life time. This is a sacrifice I'll make even if it does turn me into a middle aged drunk, antisocial freak.

Feedback anyone?


Anonymous said...

Good post. And in my opinion, it's not even the huge amount of information we have to cram into our minds. It's breaking it down in a meaningful and effective way and then using that to answer the questions on the exam. I think too many people focus on "OMG I NEED TO MEMORIZE THE CLASS!!111" and don't create any tools to help them actually succeed.

My two cents, take it or leave it. :-D

JD-Maybe said...

I'll take it ...thanks :)