Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mission Accomplished

My boss just left me a loooooong voice mail about how much he loved his scrap book. He said he CRIED! and he would cherish it forever....

Good job M-law ladies....we effectively postponed our layoffs for probably about a month. Hey we might even make it through Christmas. Yay!

The party was at a Chinese rest. and there was assigned seating. All of my co-workers were seated at two tables next to each other. NOT ME!!! I was seated on the entire other side of the room. Believe me when I say I was on the verge of tears I was so uncomfortable. But since it was not my day nor is it very mature to freak out about this....I just handled it.

That's what I get for RSVP'ng late. I had to sit at the chinese golf club table. WTF!!! But I sucked it up and acted like a big girl. Practiced my mind-fucking and charmed the pants off all. There was a magic show performed by some celebrity magician but I don't know who he was. And lots of fear factorish food. I ate jelly fish just so I wouldn't offend the entire freakin asian table by gagging (its a Chinese delicacy). I didn't know how to get the skin off the freakin shrimp so I just put the whole thing in my mouth. UGHHHH.

I drank a lot of wine, two glasses of champagne and ended up hanging out with the stalker. YUP! Sick! So today I have the guilts and I'm stuck on stupid.

I have all my contracts shit piled in front of me but I just can't do it. AND THIS MY FRIENDS IS WHY I DO NOT TRY TO SOCIALIZE AND DO SCHOOL. I can't.

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Nichicakes said...

Jelly fish and shrimp with the shell.. Yum-O!

So gross glad I already ate dinner.