Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My My How the Tables have Turned


That southern Texas, trial lawyer scream is in my head 24/7!! Contracts ahhhhhhhh! My teacher is always amused by my humbleness in fact he very gently walked over to me and said, "MISS REBECCA you really need to have some more faith in yourself!" Awe man! Had to touch on my fragile Ego didnt ya! Jerk! He loves me! OK..........so how did the tables turn?

These SOBs that are in my Contracts class along with my normal 20 classmates started a semester before us. The first few weeks they put us to shame. Being that they had that whole semester's worth of experience with the Socratic monster. Well NOW those SOBs dont even read!? This idiot chick that I hate had the freakin nerve, after fucking up like 12 times to say that a Firm Contract U.C.C. 2-205 is the Parol Evidence Rule. Do you even know what that means? I don't see the connection? I'm SHOCKED that the professor didn't mark her absent.

Today he said to my friend, "As you can tell I am not picking on people who I know have the answer...so put ur hand down." So allllllllllllllll night long I sat, tormented by the sheer blatant disregard for our class. Dumb ass comment after dumb ass comment. What the hell are they thinking? Here's a good one........."Ummm, I'm not sure that case was from a long time ago."

The class lecture is a week behind and these people apparently think that they don't have to review the previous weeks notes, since that will be the topic of conversation in class? Is there any logic in this? WOW! This is why it pays to be old and know better! Which reminds me.........oh hell dirty 30 is in 3 weeks! Gawd damn Im old. But at least Im not an idiot! Now I know what they mean by say pass dont try to bullshit. Bullshitting just doesnt work at all.

I'm not saying any of this is relevant to the final but what I am saying is they fucked up my night--I didn't get to learn much cuz they clogged the class time with their WRONG INFORMATION! And the professor didn't correct them I think to punish them. Whatever........Im going to bed! Tomorrow I want to talk about two things:

1. Hoarders...this is a phenomena that fascinates me. I actually lived with a real live one for a short time until I told on her. I'll get into that later but lets just say there were bugs, cigarette butts, puke and cat shit involved.

2. This economic issue is going to have some serious social implications with regard to crime, divorce rates, suicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, drug abuse, etc. The news is having med. specialists on their nightly report talking about warning signs of depression etc. This is freakin NUTS! Good think my psycho asshole mom was a mental health nurse so Im all over it!


Eva said...

u saw that shit on TLC too huh? makes me *shudder*

K said...

Ugh, I hate classmates who don't do the work...it's such a waste of my time...