Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still Nothing...

1. I almost crashed on the way to school staring at a billboard of Ryan Seacrest (i have no idea why)

2. My LAW professor is NUTS and I get the incurable giggles in that class (makes me feel like a kid again)

3. I have a midterm Sat.

4. My skinny jeans don't fit (well not like they used to)

5. I've been eating bugs--they are very small brown bugs that blend in Koshi go lean crunch cereal. Whatever Im sure I've eaten worse. (Im not kidding)

6. I have to work tomorrow

7. Still not motivated

8. I love being 1 of 5 girls in a class full of boys...even if they are all ugly (princess status)

9. I love Blinky my adorable gay legal research teacher he loves that bluebook and Westlaw (I love people with passion no matter what its for)

10. I have to get to the gym Sat. no excuses and I need to rearrange my study hours to have one full day during the weekend off. This Friday night bullshit, after work, isnt doing anything for me. ( I just end up sleeping)

I hate when people feel unhappy and don't try to take control of it. And here I am just sitting around being the enemy of fun. No more I swear. Im going to get motivated tomorrow. Here is a reminder of those simple things that bring me so much happiness:

1. Dancing my ass off Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll night long

2. Walking down Wilshire at noon (busy, busy, business people makes good people watching)

3. The GYM!!!! (ahhhhhhhhh it hurts so good!)

4. A really super clean house not a half assed sweep shit under the fridge clean, Im talking clean linens, clean clothes, clean baseboards, no bugs....etc. (peace)

5. A clean car! (more peace)

6. Just being healthy eating right and being mentally peaceful

7. Being organized (peace)

8. Socializing!!!!!

9. Drinking lots of beer

10. Sleeping

(can you tell I hate chaos? Which is why I'm obsessed with hoarders. I must understand them and cure them)

Is that really too much to ask?

Sweet dreams................I need to take the weekend off from the internet...lets see if i can. NO myspace (which I hate anyway) no face book, no blogging, no IM....Westlaw and Lexis only. Then next week its my first NO SPEND challenge week. Inspired by the awesome tips and tools and news provided by the Sexy Budget Guy 's blog. (He named it not me ;) But hey thats probably why he gets so much traffic :) Good thinking buddy!


DINKS said...

dude, you seriously crack me up. i couldn't even make it past the first line w/ Ryan Seacrest!!! haha...oh man....sometimes i really wonder.

JD-Maybe said...

They say I'm ECCENTRIC and I agree. :)

I think you have to be strange to be an attorney.