Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great jobs and no chance at passing

No-one...I repeat NO-ONE knows how to blow it like me. Here's what happened.

11:00 am IM from friend/ex coworker (sort of) he has a lead on a great job. We exchange information and minutes later I am in touch with the girl. She is very nice. I apply for the job....the wrong job.....TWICE. Let me tell you about this firm. It's huge! They offer flexible schedules, tuition reimbursement, corporate gym passes, and all kinds of other benefits. Voted top 100 places to work in the Country. BIG LAW!

Finally, I manage to apply for the right one. All is fine. We correspond back and forth a few times then I get in the shower. One missed call! Holy shit! I call her back. Surprise!!!! The position requires litigation experience. I don't have litigation experience. Not only did I apply for the wrong job showing my apparent lack of detail orientation but I send a "thank you anyway" email with a glaring typo. Awesome.

Then I get to Contracts.....good ol' contracts. Now that I know how to handle all this drama the freakin class is over! Professor K says, "I have some good news and some bad news. The news is that you are a very solid class. In my five years of teaching you all are one of my strongest 1L classes. The bad news is that instead of 5 people competing for the top spots there are about 30, so good luck. Oh and by the way I will fail no less than 5 of you and no more than 10. Have a good Thanksgiving!"

Its going to be a rough week. I am fucking determined!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Anonymous said...

He fails no less than five? What the hey? What happened to the liberal bell curve?