Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interesting things about today...

My torts class was overtaken by the daytime "kids" and kids they were.
I spent at least 20 minutes watching a guy meticulously peel his orange (I'm not exaggerating)
I got into a little dispute with the cocky 3L guy who wants to eat my kidneys (at least he looks hungry)

Today at school I learned the following and all from the same girl:

1. In Missouri 1980 it was legal to kill a Mormon on the spot for no reason (did not fact check any of this)
2. Happy Birthday is a copywritten song and that's the excuse (for not singing it) she told her boss when he told her to sing to some customers at the restaurant she works at
3. Steak n Shake (WTF is that?) has the best cheese fries
4. GM should die
5. Hand sanitizer is really bad for you
6. Adderall solves every problem

uh..yeah that's all I got...Hey Tom, take me out with a bong rip

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i think "Happy Birthday" is in the public domain now so she has no excuse to not sing it if her boss tells her to. :)