Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More bitter than sweet...

You know what my dear democrat friends....Just because I am a republican doesn't mean I am an alien or un American!! Today in the student lounge, in a pretty conservative city, about five students were in the lounge making their comments and speaking amongst themselves. Being disrespectful and rude, in which they had every right BUT don't freakin gasp when I make a ugly faces and shake my head at McCains concession.

The only good thing that came out of this election is that we have a Black president. Even though he is barely black. That I am proud of. Other than that I am so disappointed. So now all I have to say is...you wanted this so you better freaking fix shit! And if you fuck up...which you will because all presidents do, I will gladly run your name through the gutter.

Sorry Im such a bitch but I stand behind my beliefs and I have a right to them. Hopefully, the American people know what is best because I never purported to know what is best I just know what I believe in.

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DINKS said...

amen sister, good for you! anyone standing up for their beliefs should be proud :)