Friday, November 21, 2008

"Pain kills Pain," she said.

Break up #1 resulted in a fresh -n painful new tattoo...we all have our own ways of healing. My thoughts are with you Disney.

Oh.... I'm not feeling very loved these days....NO COMMENTS! You can't tease me like that....comment then don't for days!!! Where are my people at? I miss you!! :)

Happy Friday. I'm getting geared up for the organization of the tool box marathon weekend!


Anonymous said...

Keep on trucking and lots of wuv!
truly yours,
normally silent

Anonymous said...

i know someone who loves you.

ps: i just now saw that your headline did NOT read, "Pain kills Palin"! haha...oops.

JD-Maybe said...

Everytime I see the word Pain ...I see Palin too! LOL!

Thanks for the luv I needed it :)