Monday, November 24, 2008

Trapped on an Island

Just me and my contracts shit on a deserted Island. Im so over this. I need reality.

Update* Break-up #2 occurred at apparently 0700 hours. (Is that how you say it?) Next door. Fucking Asian mail order bride (not kidding) and old man husband finally almost killed each other. I've been egging them on for months. They fight and I yell, "Just freakin kill each other already." I promise I will not feel bad if they really do it. They disgust me.

She is obnoxious, if I was married to her Id kick her ass every day and twice on Sunday! Poor old fucker. He is pretty obnoxious too but my god. She apparently sells her ass on the Internet and he apparently checks her email. After which he calls her 400 times then he calls the man she is with 500 times, then she shows up an hour later and they fight about how much money she makes selling her ass. Its fascinating to say the least. Today the cops came and took her ass to jail. Which means I will get a quiet night for once.

Then the guy across the street came up to me to tell me that his motorcycle was damaged by some guys trying to steal it, then another guy came up and said he was robbed at gun point on the corner of our street. My building is approximately one building away from that corner. Being that I get home after midnight three nights a week I am feeling quite safe. I'm torn. I guess I'll leave my books and laptop in my trunk just in case. If I got robbed I wouldn't care as long as my books and computer are safe. I ain't got no money. They would have to kill me to rape me so.....I guess I'll be ok. Night terrors are sure to ensue. Wonderful....can't wait.

god what a grump I am

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