Friday, December 19, 2008

And now for life....

Wow. Where do I start. No more excuses for living in filth. My BFF suggested a mini vacation to San Diego....First things first, I gotta wipe this shitty look off my face and forget that I am average and get out there and be happy so I don't bring the whole world down. I'm pretty good at brainwashing myself and anyway what a loser I should be happy. Wait till you guys see my nephews and neices...OMG they are my heart I cant wait to bite their cheeks off.

Winter Break to do list:

Get my contracts and torts outlines and flashcards organized and put away in a binder for later reference.

Look for a job!!!

Read the Twilight series


and then get my ass back to the gym! Thank you God!

p.s. It took about 3 listens but the Brittney CD is pretty damn good and the John Legend CD is even better.

Now I will snap oup of my coma, read the news, socialize and live my life. Im going to work on a plan so that I have more of a life next semester because isolating myself like that was horrible.

p.s.s THANKS FOR ALL THE e-hugs and support....(you know who you are ;)


Eva said...

you got me got me babe...(im referring to the song, not just me sayin it over and over lol)

Anonymous said...

hell yeah San Diego! that place is seriously one of my favorite areas EVER. that, and london. and the bedroom. what?

JD-Maybe said...

J money...haha!
and mi lil nugget I got u too babe

Anonymous said...

I'm on the gym bandwagon too... I fell off worse than Oprah.