Thursday, December 25, 2008


Man I went from psycho to chill in two seconds. One day I'm obsessing over exams that are long done and the next day I'm in lala land. Thank god. And thank god Christmas is over. Talk about chaos. But the crack baby (my new niece) who is like crack cuz I can't get enough of her, has pulled me through. Now for my poor neglected life. There are bills to pay, packing to do, and work to wrap up. Gotta get focused. I don't really think about school too much. When I do ...its a good anxious because I'm ready to work harder to do better. (even though I don't know my grades yet)

Christmas was ok...nothing great other than the crack baby and her siblings. My dad had my favorite Mexican place cater it. Unlike thanksgiving where i got ZERO left overs and remained bitter for weeks, I got a ton of left overs because I demanded it. My grampa asked my dad, "Do you want left overs?" and I chimed in, "Yes I do." he said, "I didn't ask you." and I said, "Well I'll take all the leftovers if i want." Just letting him know who is boss since MY dad paid for it all. (step grampa) likes to have power struggles with me but my dad always assures me that I win no matter what he says. And I did. Jerk! I love him but he drives me nuts (step grampa). He needs to learn that I am my dads BFF not him!! and if I want something I GET IT!! *stomping feet*

Yes, I realize I am acting like a ten year old but its the principle of the matter. It's been a long power struggle between him and I. But my dad says I am the boss so THERE! Ok that was ridiculous. Going to bed tomorrow.

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