Saturday, December 6, 2008


*Disclaimer: I am unusually dramatic about every single mishap in life

Today I did the most ridiculous thing possible..........BOMBED MY LAW EXAM! It all began like this:

I got to the library at noon the exam was at 3. The ipod was on and I was jamming away when a few other classmates joined me. We were all in the zone and things were going just fine. That is until I get into the exam classroom, plug in my laptop and try to start the examsoft. I fucking forgot to load the exam and I do not have internet access at school. (good one smarty pants) You see I did not sign up for internet access on purpose and yes it bit me in the ass. At least 6 of my classmates crowded around me to try and help. I graciously bit their heads off in my panic induced state of mania. The ironic thing is before the exam I talked two other guys into doing the exam on the computer because it is just so much easier.

I get into the writing room for retards, get my blue book and begin the exam. Two hours for this WTF!! I figured I'd be done in an hour. What do you know by the time I finished my perfect briefs (2 of them) I had a whopping 40 minutes to do the most important part.....the memo!

Put it this way...I got the crupac in but there is ZERO analysis! This equates to an F!! Im sure.
I was so sick after the exam I hurried out of the room and took an alternate route to a hidden bathroom and locked myself in the stall so as to avoid the psychotic chatter from the other exam takers. The feeling that came over me was like none other. I was defeated, my eyes were so exhausted I couldn't even see and my body wanted to collapse! All that adrenalin and stress just did me in. The worst part is this is supposed to be the easiest exam.

Soooo, what did i learn today? I learned that my classmates are awesome and wanted to help me so bad, I learned that I need to be more cautious when uploading the exam, I learned to BUY A GAWD DAMN WATCH!! And don't underestimate how quickly two hours flies by.

Strangely, I have done a decent job of accepting the fact that it's done and there is nothing I can do about it. Realistically I wont fail per se' but i most certainly won't be scoring anything to brag about.

Guess what else! I went outside after I hid for a while, got some fresh air then marched my happy ass back into the library and studied for another 5 hours for Torts. It really helped get my mind off my earlier disaster.

Good lord I better get my act together...and quickly

good night!


K said...

I'm sure you did fine!

Thanks for calling us writers retards! My torts exam was four hours long and my hand hurts like hell!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to parrot Kel: you probably did fine.

Briefs and memos? Oh dear... your exams are way different than ours.

They won't even let us use the computer unless we downloaded examsoft and the actual exams three weeks in advance.

JD-Maybe said...

Well thats the thing I didnt download the exams on examsoft until the day of. Which is why it didnt work. This exam was for Legal Writing thats why they were briefs and a memo.

Kel...u know I meant that in the most loving way. My hand was shaking so bad by the end of the exam I could not even control it.

TJ said...

I'm sure you did great. Good for you for moving on and focusing on the test task! I usually try to march through the halls singing "I'm a survivor" in my head ;-) usually does the trick!