Friday, December 5, 2008

Close Your Eyes and Jump!

Thats how I do things. I quit my job today. Gave a 4 week notice and I haven't been so relieved in 15 weeks. I am moving in with a longtime friend right near school. I'm bored stiff here and my head is elsewhere.

Anyway here is a list of the things *they say that I believe:

1. Students wouldnt recognize a case if it were hitting them in the face. (i.e. very frequently professors get their ideas for exam hypos out of the notes after the cases) It frustrates them to no end when they try to give you something that will ring bells but you didn't read the notes.

2. Confidence is key. The calmer you are the more clearly you will think and the more focused you will remain.

3. They do not intentionally try to trick you they just try to add nuances to separate the As from the Bs. It is not a malicious act that brings them joy.

4. They want us to succeed. We are their lil babies the better we do...the better teacher they are.

5. This won't kill us.

6. Most people in the world, including law students, are good and don't get off seeing others suffer.

7. Organize your answer!!!!! Spend 1/3 of the allotted time outlining a coherent answer.

8. If they hinted at common mistakes DONT MAKE THEM!

9. Be excited this is what we have worked so hard for (to show off what we know)

10. Be proud of yourself not everyone can do this!

Happy studies kids! Unless something absolutely amazing happens I think I will take a short hiatus.

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