Sunday, December 21, 2008

I don't have TV

Because I pay so much per month in freaking parking tickets I can't afford cable.....but not for long. My new house has cable and its included in the rent. wooohoo.

If you drove up and down the street for over an hour at midnight you would park anywhere too, trust me.

I started a book today. John Grisham. Ive never read his books because I prefer girl porn (as another blogger puts it, sorry I can't remember where I saw that but when I do I'll give credit where its due. ) Its actually the best description for romance books. I just love the fake dramatic drawn out love stories. But I'm not in the mood for that shit right now. This John Grisham book is pretty darn good. It will last me till Weds when I get the Twilight series. Gotta work tomorrow. Ugh. It will probably resemble a funeral since my boss has laid off half the staff. I usually work from home but since I only have two weeks left there I decided to grace them with my presence and actually get some real work done. Its the least I could do after all they have put up with from me.

Enjoy your break kids....I'm on my way to letting it go. I just cant have too much time on my hands cuz thats when my wheels start turning.

Here is the lil angel I hung out with today ...take note of the ONE GREEN EYE and ONE BROWN EYE. Trrriiipy

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