Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last thoughts on my Asian fever

For some reason some Asian social network sites are linked to me...and I find that fanfuckingtabulous. I have always wanted to explain my very sudden craving for Asian guys. Which by the way is dying because I'm moving back to a place where there are very few Asian guys. My white friends just don't get it...

So here is the list take it with a grain of salt it is very much generalized:

1. Asian guys LOVE white girls-- so that is fun
2. Asian guys DATE; this includes picking you up from your house, going to your door, with flowers or some gift, they choose the restaurant and after hours fun (bar, club) and you do NOTHING except look pretty. Its very old fashioned and very sweet.
3. Asian guys don't jump down your pants right away
4. Many of them have an extremely low tolerance for alcohol so you have a automatic DD (later on in the relationship of course)
6. The Asian guys in my City also have a super cute style
7. They smell delicious (best taste in cologne)
8. The Asian guys I have dated have all had nice bodies and been very clean cut
9. They are EDUCATED
10. They have JOBS
11. They usually have nice cars
12. They are usually very well cultured and intellectual

BEATS THE HELL OUT MOST OF THE OTHER DEAD BEATS IVE DATED. AND there is a ton of them to go around because white girls are too chicken to date them...even though they really secretly want to. But there is a difference depending on where you live. The Asian guys in Arcadia are much different than the Asian guys in LA besides the obvious that one group is predominantly Chinese and the latter Korean. So if you are reading this dear Asian social networks that's why white women date Asian men.


Asian Kid A said...

if you could fwd any white chicks you know in nyc to me, that'd be great. thx

JD-Maybe said...

sometimes...they call me Heidi...haha!