Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my babies


Amanda said...

They're really cute! The biggest drag to living on campus is not being allowed to have pets...a friend was giving away kittens and I *almost* thought about giving up my 45 second commute so I could have one! :)

Anonymous said...

hell yeah they're cute! love cats and have 2 of my own.

does yours like to poop on random parts of the carpet to make you pay attention to them? gotta love that.

JD-Maybe said...

Amanda Cats are a huge pain in the ass....they are both 8 years old and 13lbs and Im counting the days till they die...ok ...not really but it is hard. no they dont poop but they PUKE everywhere! and If im not paying attention I get BIT and Hard! my friends are scared to death of my cats Im not kidding. Its because I have never disciplined them....and that is reason number 600 why I wont have kids...dont want to discipline.