Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Painting my Life with Perfume

Some might call it a curse and sometimes it is sense of smell. It is remarkable. I smell EVERYTHING. If I am at a stop light I can smell the guy or girls perfume or cologne from the car next to me. When I am outside I smell the weather changes. (ok this sounds really weird) But I can smell dirt, mist, flowers, anything. I am not kidding. In my life there are three things I can NOT live without and this is on a daily basis, perfume, my ipod, and books. The way a person smells tells me so much about them. If I spend the night at someones house I can smell everything, the trash, rotten food, I can tell if the floor is clean, if the sheets are fresh, if the towels sat in the washer too long, If you ever open ur damn windows, and I can even smell sickness.

The problem is I also smell funk which makes the gym almost unbearable at times. And I can describe what I am smelling in a way that will either make you happy or puke. Scents dictate my mood. I am currently wearing L'Homme by YSL, yes it is mens cologne. The critics say it is the scent of a successful man...oops. BUT think about body chemistry and how that changes the scent! Since I am a woman the cologne does different things on my skin and the violet and basil pop. The fragrance becomes sweet on me and it is a fresh clean scent. Here are the elements:

  • Top notes are ginger and bergamot; middle notes are white pepper, violet and basil; base notes are tonka bean, tahitian vetiver, musk and cedar.

Beware because this is something that I am hungry to learn about so I will probably start boring you all to death with this....or I'll practice here for a little while then start my own perfume blog! YaY!!! Yes, it is that important to me. In fact my work prohibits the use of perfume and I wear it anyway because I can NOT function without it. I am not kidding. Every single memory I have is complimented by a scent. Its the color in my life.

Elle magazine's article says, "For some fragrance fanatics, scent is simply the sense with which they compute everyday life; its impact on their experiences processed in the hippocampus, the brains memory bank and the amygdala, its emotional control panel--more instinctual and intellecutal. ...Some people get high. They find it transporting, disorienting." *

and my favorite quote

"It makes breathing, ordinarily a purely functional thing, bring a little bit of beaty into each breath." *

Its true. I actually follow people arround to ask them what they are wearing because it intoxicates me. And on the other hand if i hate it ...I tell them I am allergic so they will stop wearing it. It makes me physically ill.

Ok are you all convinced I am nuts yet? Don't worry you soon will but I feel like a kid in a candy store. I am so excited! After all of this Ill go apply at nordstrom to work at the perfume counter which is the equivelent to working in a bookstore to me....heaven!

*Elle Magazine, November 2008 Issue. Notes from the underground by Maggie Bullock pg. 298.

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