Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post Exam

Regarding my lil' hypo below...we have this lil booger called the egg shell theory, where you take P as you find her. It doesn't matter that she was unusually susceptible to catching the disease and ...A has a duty to act as a reasonably prudent guy with a rash. In which he did not by neglecting it. The real question here is proximate cause. Therefore, is it reasonably foreseeable that sneezing on someone would cause them to contract a virus from you? YES because the foreseeability is about the general type of harm that would ordinarily follow from you neglecting your own sickness--on someone else, not the details. Transmitting a virus is foreseeable and a reasonably prudent person would have their rash looked at to make sure it was not deadly or contagious.

Just finished Torts exam. I missed some small issues that might be big in Professor Torts eyes and I got a lil choked up on concurrent vs. superseding causes. Even though I know damn well how it works. Its like algebra...while im working it out i understand it but every time i look at it later it looks foreign.

My lifeless body managed to make it home after the exam and to my great surprise I received 3 text messages from people thanking me for my help. That was very nice. I did get stage fright at first but about an hour into it I was flowing. And the multiple choice seemed pretty easy because I almost read the entire freakin horn book. Every single question was familiar. In fact some verbatim. I think he used parts of previous exams as questions. I honestly cant remember the hypos or my answer. Maybe I am just too tired. Adrenalin does a number on you. One thing I did differently from all other tests is that I planned my answer and I WATCHED THE TIME diligently. I spent exactly 20 minutes preparing and 40 min answering each question. Wow....what a stress reliever. Instead of playing games with the clock. Surprisingly the planning of my answer was immensely helpful. I don't know why I have always been so impatient and ready to type. Honestly, I have never planned my answer and I knew that was a huge problem.

The one thing I did that I really regret is going back and adding things to answers I already finished because I didnt even have time to make sure what I was saying made sense.

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