Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rest 2d

Here is my trick for today: It makes no sense and will surely annoy the hell out of the upperclassman but hey this is working for me and Im on hour 10 of studying for today and have officially lost all sensibility and discretion. Dont likey tough shit...

*Last year's top grade memorized 200 restatements Im about 3/4 of the way to memorizing just about 200. (that includes UCC) Our professor has made it clear that our grade is highly dependent on how many CL and UCC we restate VERBATIM. And not just the numbers but the rules too. If you don't believe me ill send u the recording from the review session....Analysis means nothing to him.

To Play for our DAC C
887 10 14 20 10 14 (sort of a phone number/locker combo theme)

Terms 1-8
Parties 9-16
Formation 17-23
Offer 24-34
Duration 35-49
Acceptance 50-70
Consideration 71-81
No consideration 82-96

Think March 14th or 3/14 (disregard the middle one I had forgotten about it but it still works in my head the way i have it.

SOF -(3) 110, 124, 130
SOF-(7) 131-137
Non Comply SOF (14) 138-150

Think July 15 or 7/15
MIS-take (7) 151-158
MIS-rep (15) 159-173

Think April 8 or 4/8
Duress (4) 174-177
Unenforceability (8) 178-185

UCC goes:
1-103 CL applies unless displaced by UCC
1-203 Good faith
1-204 Reasonable time
1-205 Course of Dealing / Useage of trade

2-104 Merchant
2-105 good
2-106 k

2-201-2-209 and 3-301, 3-302 and 3-303

Looking at this post makes it seem so simple...holy shit it is so NOT. Ive been working on this shit all day. Keep in mind I have to memorize the rules/exceptions/and cases to cite. Ugh!


Megan said...

you are a badasss, i cannot believe you have all the memorized! you do indeed make it look easy... good luck w/exams, sorry to hear about the computer mishap. of course your computer craps out, it finals and all things which can go wrong must! but you are clearly ready to kick some ass on ur K's final!!

Amanda said...

Oh my, I'm so impressed! And sorry that your prof is making you memorize those...people keep finding my blog searching for ways to memorize Restatements/UCC. Unfortunately I'm no help considering our K's final was open book and in the words of the prof, "I could care less if you memorize - just put it in your own words and I'll get the point".
Good luck!

Krista said...

crazy. plain crazy. we got to bring in our restatement book and i still was not in good shape. good luck and good job!