Wednesday, December 31, 2008

slow but steady wins the race

That is something I say to myself all the time. Be careful, take your time, pay attention, double check and don't be lazy! Don't do it and you won't get caught, is another one I love. Back in the day when everyone in my office would waste hours IM'g, I would say....Don't do it and you won't get caught. Man it is so humiliating to be caught online by your boss. Which I rarely ever did.

Anyhooo the point is I made some progress packing last night but not nearly enough to make me feel good. The kitchen was gutted and half the shit thrown away. One closet is partially empty. There is so much to do. You see I am downsizing considerably. From an apt. to a room. Don't know how much if any storage will be available to me so I m dumping as much junk as possible. The problem with this is that I always throw away shit I end up needing later.

You could say I have the ANTI-Hoarder disease which causes me to throw anything and everything that is bothering me at that moment in the trash. Including pink slips to cars and other important documents. This has caused me many headaches. You better believe I stashed all my school stuff a while ago so it is safe.

Packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, all of it blows! This is how I will ring in the new year! But it's better than celebrating it with a DUI, random hookup, spending too much money, or a hangover! My kind of party.

Im ready for round II....and the life of an unemployed student!

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