Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It is Weds. and the last time I posted was Sunday. This is serious! Monday I left work and went to the law library *shudder*. GUESS WHAT it was empty!! I got some solid work done. Memorized 19 UCC's! Today was study group which turned out completely differently than I ever imagined.

The girl power study group failed. We met twice and the chemistry just wasn't there. Now I am playing for the other team. I was recruited by the boys and have found it much more productive. I was affectionately labeled (I hope) the ambassador of the class because I know everyone and have had personal one on one's with each person in our class. But like I have said before I could and would talk to a wall if it would respond. Anyway, study group was ok but Im going to roll solo tomorrow for the first half of the day then if the opportunity presents itself I will meet up with the boys. I wont lie I love being the only girl! AND I love actually hearing how insecure they all are because I wouldn't have guessed it and it makes me feel better about how insecure I feel.

So its 130am and I studied for ten hours yesterday (technically) I have never been so exhausted. This is an interesting journey.

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