Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Day Back

Ahhhhhh. It was so nice to be back at school. I've always been happier in school. Don't know what the hell I will do when I'm done. Life is still pretty rough over here at the new house because now both of my cats have decided to freak. They were probably just about ready to calm down then I started school and that scared them all over again. I seriously considered putting Sammy to sleep but I got a bunch of shit for that bad idea. Desperation causes insanity.

Grades. Still don't have any other grades. There is only one person who is bragging about her grade in legal writing and I find it quite funny. My group of buddies and I had a discussion where I analogized sharing grades with sharing your income. It's just not ok. No matter what someone gets hurt or jealous, whatever. They agreed. So far the other people are walking around talking about things like 1.7's.............whoa! I didn't know that was possible so when they ask me what I got I either low ball it or say, "I did good enough." I told lil miss big mouth that good grades are relative in law school and she disagreed. So just to make her feel really good about herself I said...your good could be my bad. She shut up. The boys knew what i was up to.

I got called on as usual...first day and I got reprimanded. Professor Torts told me he HATES it when people read off their briefs. I took a deep breath and just fucking let him have it as usual. I always get a lil stage fright at first but I snap out of it pretty quickly. It ended ok better than some where Professor Torts actually asked one guy if he even read the case. Poor guy.

All in all it was a good day. I missed my classmates and three were missing which worries me?!? And the really super good news is that I have been so stressed out that I lost about 6lbs and I went to the gym two days in a row and worked out till I almost died. It felt so damn good. I am a different person when i feel good about how i look. Frumpy law school people make me fearful for my future. I certainly don't have youth on my side anymore so I have to maintain somehow. Without becoming a law school skank. There are already too many of those.

Ok, so that was a whole lot of nothing....

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Anonymous said...

It's Day 3 and we lost 2 already in my section alone. We also lost one guy 3 days before finals started. I can't deny it freaks me out! One guy who left this week was a good's hard when people drop out. Because you'll miss them and because, at least for me, it makes things a bit more real.

Glad you had a good first day back! Oh, and if you could update my link in your sidebar (new one used to post this) I'd appreciate it!
Amanda (one-l)