Saturday, January 17, 2009


Got an idea from my highschool friend you can check out her blog here.

Ten Honest Things about Yours Truly

1. My car is always dirty
2. I'm scared of public bathrooms-I always imagine a bloody dead body will be in the stall
3. I wish I had no cats
4. I'd rather be alone than with other people
5. I can be very jealous and vindictive if someone hurts me I strike back 100x worse
6. I would die if people didn't depend on me and sometimes I wish no one would depend on me.
7. I think I have a drinking problem....binge drinking. (just because you only drink once in a great while doesn't mean you don't have a problem...)
8. I don't respect myself
9. I try to meditate every day and never actually follow through (for years ive done this)
10. I pray several times a day--hail mary's and all.

Not too shocking. Although, my friend is much more candid than me the list is probably still kinda amusing. My skeletons are just to horrible to post on this blog. I'm not the transparent type I like to be more mysterious. I def. wear my heart on my sleeve and can be way too emotional but when it comes to the dumb things I've done in the past...shame rules and my mouth stays shut. It's too bad though because once you get those things off your chest you tend to feel relieved.

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Amanda said...

my car is always dirty too. i know that i should take better care of it (can't afford a new one!) but it's just more convenient to cart around a bunch of random stuff and not worry about it! i don't wash it enough either...seems like whenever i work up the motivation to actually go do it, it rains.