Friday, January 23, 2009

One Extreme---to Another

From August until December my days were arranged according to what homework I needed to do. Probably about 80% of the time I was alone. Although I have only lived in my new house for 3 weeks my social life is drastically different. I'm not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand it is nice to have people to talk to and as you can see having real human interaction has changed my blogging habits a lot. My roommate and I have a lot in common and he is very nice to me. In fact he made me dinner last night and cleaned up. (since I was hurt)

This weekend I decided to stay at my dads house and puppy sit (my favorite thing to do) while he is out of town. I packed up my kitty cat and here we are--all alone just us and my books.....In a way I am relieved to have some solo time. The next question is what the hell good did all that isolation and endless studying do me? NONE. My Torts grade came in and I did average (barely). Shocked! Balance is not something I know how to do. Somehow I need to schedule my days and stick to it. I've done very little homework in my free time. This worries me.

Somehow I pulled a muscle in my back and can barely move. Depressing. I'm in a blah kinda mood---and surprisingly my grade didn't phase me?! I did work very hard but I already knew I over studied and learned shit that I didn't need to learn. This time I will NOT go any further than we went in class because I most likely misused doctrine that I didn't completely understand. That is called panick.

This week my favorite cat died, I pulled out my back, and............................I scheduled to have a major cosmetic surgery procedure done during spring break. (March 10th) I'll let you guess what I am doing.

Can one have a mid life crisis at 30? If so I might be having one?!? Thank god I'm numb. Pops hooked me up with some back medicine.

I just don't know. I'm not focused.

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