Monday, July 27, 2009

1 Year Down

I am not technically a 2L because I am in a part time evening program. After this Fall semester I will be 2L. I find myself still quite curious about all of the 1L advice floating around Blawg land. If there are any soon to be 1Ls reading I would like to say that all of it is very good advice.

Some things I remember about the first semester are worrying about what and how everyone else was doing it. Worrying about them appearing to "get it." Some of the mistakes I have made and sadly continued to make this summer were to memorize a lot of law at the expense of analysis. Analysis is where the money is at.

Definitely read prior exams, read them answer then and then read the sample answers if available. See if your professors will review a sample exam you have written. Don't get psyched out by people they are all crazy, I promise.

Watch the Paper Chase and enjoy Torts! It is so much fun! Don't take yourself too seriously like No.634 says you are all on equal playing field now. No one is that much smarter than the other. Sometimes I think exam grades are a fluke because if the professor wakes up with a headache and has to read exams he might just take it out on you. Hopefully not.

One big mistake a lot of people make is going above and beyond the scope of material that was gone over in class. this is a waste of energy and brain power. Do what the teacher asks and do it how they ask you to do it. I had a friend who would study for finals using BARBRI material and she always got low grades. The teachers were annoyed with her going so far outside the scope of material taught in the class.

Learn to analyze and you will do just fine. AND most importantly 2nd semester is sooooooo much better.

One more thing....Jeremih the one who sings that stupid Birthday Sex song...well his CD is actually really good...

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Anonymous said...

I love the blogosphere for all the helpful advice that bounces around.

As for Jeremih's cd, birthday sex is horrendous, but I agree that his album is solid. Starting All Over / My Sunshine / Break Up To Make Up / My Ride are great.