Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Summer classes are an interesting mix of all cohorts 1,2, and 3L. The classes have about 30 students each and everyone is pretty friendly. In fact, good ol' resourceful me-- sweet talked an up and coming 2L to sell me all of her old text books. She is even throwing in her outlines and she ranks at the top of her class. WooHoo!

Summer seems too easy to be true. I guess it's the calm before the storm? Next semester I have Con law, Civ Pro and Property. I am taking Arbitration and Transactions and Statutory Analysis right now. I like Arbitration it is very straight forward.

I miss my cohort! A couple people are in the class with me but I miss the whole group we have such a good dynamic. We all help each other out and there is not ONE annoying person in our group.

Today I have a job interview with a law firm placement agency....wish me luck!

See how boring I am when I can't share the juicy dirt! Don't worry I'll find a way....


Anonymous said...

Oh summer class. Wait, is it common for everyone to take summer classes?!

JD-Maybe said...

No I'm in a pt eve program

Mark y. said...

Just wanted to let u know that I'm reading ur blog again. :) good luck this upcoming year. Study hard and don't let the boys distract you. :)