Saturday, July 18, 2009

Embracing the "Law School Experience"

Day in and Day out I find myself waking up with good intentions. I plan to go to school to study and to do well and every day I push it aside. Is my heart really in this? Do I really want this? I don't think I am taking it seriously enough. Today I am in the Library, embracing the law school experience. I plan to immerse myself in my studies and stay here until my head hurts, although that might only take 5 minutes.

Today I am free of distractions so hopefully I can be super productive. My first semester I was all about this, studying for hours and hours and suffering. Ever since I moved closer to school, near my friends I have just lost the momentum. It's sad.

I shall report back at the end of my study session and if I wasn't productive I am going to jump out of the window. How does that sound?

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Paragon2Pieces said...

Please don't jump out of a window! But, yeah, I can relate to what you're talking about here. Here's to a productive study session!