Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food for Thought

Literally. Today I was driving and thinking of all the things I haven't eaten in a while. Which made me want to stop at each place and pick up my favorite item. Today Bakers won. I ordered the two taco and small drink for $2 special. I really believe that I choose my meals based on whether or not I can use hot sauce. Anyway, What a deal! As I drove away I started thinking about how so many people I know absolutely hate ground beef. That led to me missing my sisters homemade ground beef tacos with fried corn tortilla shells, lottttsa lettuce, cheese, and sour cream.

After that I moved on to the other items I can eat and eat and eat until I puke:

1. My homemade Mac n Cheese
2. Any crock pot meat and potatoes and carrots
3. Pizza
4. Ground Beef Tacos
5. Cheeze its
6. Sloppy Joes (dont judge)
7. Tater Tots
8. Frozen Yogurt
9. Brownies
10. Asparagus
11. Bananas

Here are the items Ive overdosed on and can't eat anymore

1. Bloody Mary's
2. Potato Salad
3. Fries ( I do choke em' down occasionally)
4. Peanut Butter
5. Eggs have been off the menu for a while
6. IKEA cookies

Ummmm guess there isnt much. But as for the items listed on top I can not even have that stuff in my fridge. I will eat it for breakfast, a snack, lunch, and dinner.

On that note....Made it back to the gym today! Love those endorphins! Then washed my pretty car and now I am supposed to be studying. Yeah I'll get right on that. Having some drama on the home front but nothing I can't handle. Plus I'm sure you all realize that I created the drama so...no one to blame but me. Whatever....Finals this week wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

OMG-BAKERS TACOS! I sooooo have to eat that next I'm in the IE! Or you have to stop and pick it up before you come visit :)

Anonymous said...

And when has Bloody Mary's become a food?????? I guess if you are using V8 it does have 5 sevings of vegi's!!!

JD-Maybe said...

Anonymous...how will I know who you are to deliver the Bakers? Give me a sign ;)

JD-Maybe said...

I'm on a liquid diet a majority of the time...if you know me...u know this... ;)