Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home sweet Home

Comin at u live from my G1 google mini vaca was just lovely...if u enjoy swelterting 120 degree heat and herpes infested water. No really it was fun and I didn't even drink!! I'm ready to crack open the books and snuggle w my kitty cat.

Interestingly enough I learned a lot this weekend and I will elaborate when I have my full keyboard. Let's just say one happy couple taught me a thing or two about life. I also hung out with a defense attorney who had a unique perspective on his career. I didn't turn my nose up at him cuz u kno...I'm a fan of the NJZ. Stay tuned


DINKS said...

ooooh the google phone, eh?!! i'm about to pick me up the new iPhone, but I've heard great things about that one too!

JD-Maybe said...

Hi there stranger! Yes I am hooked on the G1, can't live without it... Highly recommend it:)