Thursday, July 2, 2009


What fun is a blog if you can't be completely candid? It's not fun. Not at all. I have no motivation to write because I am now afraid of offending or embarrassing those closest to me. It sucks because my readers were coming back and I missed it so much.

This means one of two things, either I need to find better more substantive but boring things to write about OR I just can't blog. I don't know why I have such a huge problem remaining anonymous! I liked it better when this blog was my online diary and I could be as raw, crude and rude as I wanted. Ugh...

Tonight I am going away for the weekend with my best friend. And you know....while the cats away...So I am having mixed feelings about it but you just can't control everything and in the end the better person will prevail...right?

The place I am going is FUN. We will have boats, water, food, and good company. And I will get a long needed break from the grind. Although we all know I would be better off studying. My friend is cat sitting for me and I'm a little nervous. If my lil boy ruins any of my friends furniture or carpet I am DEAD. I will own more couches than I know what to do with. But my friend insisted and I prefer my cat be somewhere other than locked in my room for 3 days. dad is getting married to his housekeeper. YUP, I said it. She is lovely. Her English is, well, ummmmm, non existent but somehow they have dated for 2 years and it hasnt been an issue. No, my dad doesnt speak Spanish either?!? Guess the speak the language of love? He did however, hire her an English tutor and she has learned a lot and quickly. I can tell by just looking in her eyes that she is a good person. We will call her Mommy (she loves that). Mommy takes damn good care of my dad. She feeds him, keeps his house clean and keeps herself looking sassy ;) I should add she isn't just any old housekeeper she is actually the Aunt of some longtime friends of his. The bonus is that I have gained A BIG HUGE MEXICAN FAMILY. My first taste of them all together was on Father's day and 4 patron shots later...ummm well we bonded. Good people!!

The issue is that my dad is being a huge douche bag about planning, inviting and other wedding related arrangements. For example he has limited the guests to 35 people on each side. Do any of you know anything about a traditional Mexican family? Well if not let me tell you...35 barely covers the kids. I think it is so unfair especially since I am sure she (a) has no say in the matter and (b) may not even understand the limitations he is putting on her.

Mommy's family was very diligent about letting me know how important family is to Mommy and how they come first. And rightfully so. I hope she understands what she is doing and I hope my dad learns to be more compassionate towards her and her family. Some might say she found a meal ticket but I think that is absolutely ridiculous! And I am ashamed of anyone who would suggest such a thing. Call me naive but I think she truly loves him and I adore her's a win-win.

The prenup and lawyers are all I hear about these days. I hope to god when and if I ever begin to earn real money I don't let it consume me and define me the way my dad has. It's actually quite sad but the man doesnt know any better. He was poor and he is determined to never, ever, ever, be poor again. My dad has worked damn hard and done very well for himself but sometimes in life you have to step back and know that money doesnt make the man and it certainly doesnt make you happy.

Well, thats all....its vacation time! Woooo hoooo!!!


ksac said...

You are so funny!
If the mouse plays every time the cats away then it should be no suprise when it happens again...and again! But you always seem to make yourself the winner in that gam :)
Ey Mommy! Your dad limiting the guest list to 35 each is not gonna happen. You know that there is no small mexican event!
Enjoy your vaca! Post pics!

Anonymous said...

I feel your can be hard to be honest when you know that certain people will read your blog and misunderstand you, or even if it's just the truth that they will be offended. You shouldn't have to stop blogging if you really want to...
But congrats on gaining a Mommy :)

JD-Maybe said...

Ksac!!!! Yay! Thanks for registering :) and Teasingly I know you understand and I am sure every blogger has had their run in's it is so damn disappointing. But I'm determined to find a way to release all that crap in my head while remaining respectful and cautious...We'll see how long that goes. But Silly said it will blow over and I'm sure it will after all I most certainly can not be that great that all people think about is MY blog...Happy 4th!!!

IzzyBella said...

Be true to yourself and feel free to post without hesitation. Otherwise you will explode! Have fun on vacation! And um, yeah, you know us Mexican's don't understand a "small event". I hope she gets to invite at least 100 peeps.

Nichicakes said...

I think your dad is the lucky one! And I get to make the cake! Woot! Hey I wonder if Im being counted on her side or his! I dont want to take seat for me if more of her family could go!