Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cyber Stalking

Did a little investigating on my new favorite professor twinkle toes and he is only 30 years old!!!! Can you believe it!! And I found a quote from him that says something along the lines of, I know I am a bit flamboyant and not everyone is comfortable with that.

Well Professor Twinkle Toes, rest assured I love flamboyant and I am so excited to see you in action this Thursday.

Today is Sunday and I have not done a gawd damn thing all weekend, well other than study. I find Con law to be painfully boring even though I thought I would love it. I guess it's always a crap shoot sometimes it's good reading and sometimes Marbury v. Madison is a total snooze fest.

Wish I had something interesting to say but this City is NO LA. I could walk down the street at any given time in LA and come home with a totally amusing story. Around here we got nothing.

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