Friday, August 21, 2009

Introducing Twinkle Toes

Property has taken on a whole new look at my school. Its a mixture of pretentious arrogance, Broadway pizazz and UC Davis law all wrapped up into a little tiny bundle of preciousness called Professor Twinkle Toes!! YaY! It's almost as if he is going to break out into song and dance at any moment. He is fabulous. Smart, good story teller, nice balance of dark jokes mixed with witty back talk. He wears a beard to make himself appear more distinguished and probably because he couldn't be a day over seriously he's about 35. You can tell by his demeanor that he is the smart awkward type which i appreciate all too much.

He began the class with a knarly quiz. Ten REAL multiple choice questions, then he went through the cases very thoroughly. Professor Twinkle Toes says he believes in hide the ball but if you ask me it was more like spoon feed the ball. There was no hiding of anything. But I loved it because it reminded me of undergrad. I think I might really learn something in this class.

So Im heading to the library to get working on my new plan for success. I've done my due diligence and acquired some awesome outlines, and other supplements that the "good students" recommended. I'm still really hyped about it. I was so prepared for class last night and I felt so good, I was relaxed and engaged and happy to be there! I don't know why people subject themselves to the humiliation of not being prepared, its beyond me.

My weekend will be dull but I'm ok with it. This law school trip has been one crazy roller coaster from extra studious obsessive freak, to super slacker extraordinaire to back to the girl who studies....HARD! Weird.

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Nichicakes said...

I wish I could get my shit together like that... just for one day!