Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Pet Peeve

Please understand that this post is not intended to offend anyone. There is no person I am secretly referring to in this post. These little annoyances are all based on society in general. So if you do any or all of these things it doesnt mean I love you any less, it just means that it is a phenomena I do not understand the purpose of.

That said here are my pet peeves

1. Weddings: I think they are so cliche' everything about them from the ridiculous white dress, to the ridiculous price tag, to the ridiculous DJ group dance songs. I abhor them and don't enjoy attending them. Also, I do not like to be in weddings so please don't ask me. My plan to avoid this spectacle is to get married at the courthouse and have a bad ass honeymoon.

2. Baby showers: Especially if it is your 3rd kid. I think they are so boring and pregnant people freak me out. My plan to avoid this....don't have kids. Plus I am bitter about being single and all the money I have spent on baby showers, kids birthdays, weddings, etc. When do I get a party and presents?

3. Myspace/FB updates: I enjoy a funny ironic sarcastic status update as much as the next guy. What I do not like are the people who tell everyone their deepest darkest secrets via FB status updates. How fucking immature is that? Its a chickenshit passive agressive way to take cheap shots at people who piss you off. My plan to avoid this ...easy I don't do it.

4. Self proclaimed mini Carrie (SITC) wanna be's. Those bloggers with the gratuitous "dont do this ladies" bullshit advice. It comes off so condescending.

5. People who get mad at me for avoiding them. I am a loner I get suffocated very easily.

6. People who quit because it takes some effort. Think outside of the box assholes.

7. When boys pee in the toilet and don't flush WTF!

8. People who don't floss

9. Disney movies

10. People who don't like animals


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