Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today I was shopping and this loud obnoxious super tall lady spilled her jumbo sized coke all over the floor. She proceeded to kick the ice all over the fucking floor while the 200 year old dressing room attendant stood there wondering what the hell to do.

After 5 minutes of staring at it she picks up the phone while she struggles to count the 8 items I had to try on.

Dressing room lady: Ummm who is available to clean up a spill by the womens dressing room?

She hangs up and tells me, hmm i guess no one is available to wipe it up. At this point the water is turning brown and has foot prints in it (what does that remind you of...brown banana peels ringing any bells)

So I did what I never do, I threw it out there....I said listen lady, I am in law school and disregarding that puddle there...the one that fat lady is walking right toward is a huge mistake. I took a shopping cart and covered the puddle with it. I then told the lady to stand guard until someone comes to clean it up or else that store was gonna lose their ass and I'm sure no one wanted that to happen. I think that might be the very first time I have ever voluntarily admitted i was in law school? I usually avoid that at all costs. When people ask me what i do for a job I say, "I don't have a job." and I leave it at that. That makes people uncomfortable but hey...admitting you are in law school has implications that I do not care to deal with.

The end.

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Eliza said...

Good job.

What an idiot. Lawsuit = that woman getting fired. With no law training whatsoever, she should have been able to think...nasty brown puddle, fall down.